Modern Boating’s Yacht of the Year

Perry 57 Passagemaker – Modern Boating’s Yacht of the Year, While Yachts aren’t the main forte of Modern Boating, we tested 13 during the last 12 months, so decided to add a Yacht of the Year in the 2006 awards. Only two of the yachts tested were Australian built and its a good indications of the health of the Aussies industry that the Perry 57 got modern boatings Yacht of the year. 

Luxury Catamarans, Yachts and Sailboats

   Times are changing. There is a significant and logical revolution occurring in luxury boating.The world is discovering the exceptional benefits that come with multihulls.Perry is leading the way in this revolution. Perry luxury motor yachts and passage making sailboats are remarkably spacious, superbly comfortable, incredibly fuel-efficient and supremely seaworthy.The Perry name is backed by four generations of classic shipwright experience that spans more than a century.Perry is setting enviable, non-negotiable standards for luxury power and sailing craft.