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Perry 62' Luxury Motor Sailer

Perry 62' Luxury Motor Sailer



The Perry 62 luxury motor yacht is leading the evolution towards new standards of comfort and performance in the world of mid-range luxury motor yachts. The design is influenced by the things that matter to you and your family - comfort, quality, spaciousness, fuel efficiency, performance, maneuverability, seaworthiness, construction, and resale value. The fact is that on deck, indoors or underway the 62 is considered by many experts to be superior to any other similarly categorised monohull of the same length.


Not surprisingly, the excellent attributes of the Perry 62 are well recognised globally as being the benchmark in quality and performance efficiency. Lifestyle is what this motor yacht delivers. It really is your superbly comfortable holiday home with over . Laze on sun lounges on the expansive foredeck, dine in style in the cockpit, or have up to 10 guests join you in comfort on the flybridge where you can absorb 360 degree views.


And there’s little to compare with enjoying cocktails on deck at sunset while a canopy of 1000 stars forms overhead. Step indoors and you enter another world. You cannot help but be impressed by the richly grained and heavily lacquered South American myrtle timbers and the Alcantara soft furnishings that complement them. The traditional skills of Perry craftsmen are evident everywhere, never more so than when you open then close a cupboard.


You will hear the ‘clunk’ associated with solid timber, and not a lightweight ‘click’. Every desire of owners and guests has been contemplated and presented in impressive fashion. The optimum balance between cabin size and living areas has also been carefully considered, as have the lavish appointments throughout. There is easy access to the dock or your dinghy via the aft stairs on each side and the side decks are sufficiently wide to provide simple and safe access to the foredeck, even offshore.



It’s when you move to the flybridge, take control and get underway that the hidden benefits of a Perry come to the fore. Firstly it’s the maneuverability that impresses. Fingertip control is all that is needed to move out of, or into, a dock. With an engine in each hull they are set wide apart; you can spin the Perry 62 positively and smoothly in its own length. When you ease the throttles forward the Perry moves up to an efficient cruising speed of around 16 knots with a seemingly effortless motion. The hulls glide through the water leaving a flat wake that resembles vapour trails from a jet aircraft. Top speed is in excess of 20 knots. While these features would be sufficient to put the Perry 62 in a class of its own there is another very important element to consider. It’s fuel economy.


The latest version of the design has the amazing ability to cover the 1100 nautical miles from the Gold Coast to Sydney and return at a comfortable average speed of 15 knots WITHOUT REFUELLING! At 9 knots you can travel a phenomenal 1400 nautical miles.



Perry 62' Luxury Motor Sailer



These are some of the many exceptional features of the Perry 62:

  • Sumptuous interior with classic timber finishes and all the comforts of home
  • The option of three or four luxury bedrooms
  • A massive and well-planned cockpit for entertaining
  • Easy access to the dock or tender via the aft stairs
  • A well-protected and expansive flying bridge complete with lounge where up to 10 guests can join you to enjoy the 360-degree view
  • Wide side decks for simple and safe access forward and aft
  • Impressive styling with lines that are easy on the eye
  • Hull proportions that ensure a smooth and exceptionally stable ride, and which contribute to remarkable fuel economy
  • Naval architect approved design
  • Quality glass fibre composite construction to survey standards
  • Shallow draft with protected propellers and rudders, features that let you explore where many other boats can’t go
  • The design and structural integrity allows the 62 to be beached and sit dry on her keels
  • Outstanding maneuverability
  • Low operational costs
  • Best practice hull construction techniques using infused polyester and vinylester for strength, reliability and osmosis prevention
  • That's the Perry personal touch.
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Perry 62' Luxury Motor Sailer