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Perry 43 Cruising Yacht

Perry 43




Beyond the horizon to another world, or across the bay to a secluded beach, the Perry 43 cruising yacht will deliver your dreams with Five Star satisfaction. Today Perry 43’s are sailing the world’s great oceans, cruising intriguing coastlines, anchoring on the crystal waters of tropical lagoons, or simply day-sailing on an escape route from an otherwise hectic life.


Like all vessels in the Perry range, the superbly constructed Perry 43 is a luxury yacht that evokes a seductive romance with the sea. This is a no-compromise design where the needs of cruising sailors are paramount — grand comfort, magnificent quality, immense interior space, outstanding stability and safety, a stimulating performance under sail, excellent sea keeping qualities and low operational costs. And most importantly, your world stays on the level.


From the moment you step aboard a Perry 43 you sense the tradition. There is more than a century of shipwright experience over four generations of the Perry family behind the name.



The desire to ensure your own comfort, and that of your guests, is evident throughout the design. Consider the large, well-protected cockpit and the convivial entertainment opportunities it presents. Take in the wide side decks leading to the expansive foredeck are where lazing on a lounge is the perfect past time for sun worshippers. Or descend the aft stairs and enjoy a refreshing swim with ease. It’s all there for the taking.



Move from the cockpit into the main saloon and you are enveloped by another environment; one where supreme comfort, functionality and the highest standard or workmanship is evident. Everything is sensibly proportioned and perfectly presented for a yacht of this size. The main saloon and dining area is conducive to relaxati

on, the sleeping accommodations is large and comfortable and the gallery efficient.


Perry 43




Perry 43





The Perry 43 starts with a base model and allows you to put your own signature on your yacht by choosing options and features to better suit your needs. That’s the Perry personal touch. Like all other aspects of the Perry 43, the sail plan, rig and sail handling equipment leave no doubt that this design has been produced by experienced ocean sailors who know exactly what is needed to make sure every operation when at sea can be undertaken safely and with ease. The styling is sleek and dynamic, and the well balanced proportions of the composite glass fibre hulls translate to this being an outstanding yacht in every sense. Qualified naval architects approved the entire design before the 43 went into production. The Perry 43 offers a luxurious lifestyle. It is your escape. It’s your own island resort — with no fixed address.









Consider some of the many exceptional features of a Perry 43:


  • Sumptuous interior with classic timber finishes and all the comforts of home
  • Large and comfortable sleeping accommodation
  • A massive and well-planned cockpit for entertaining
  • Easy access to the dock or tender via the aft stairs
  • A well planned steering station and simple sail control systems
  • Wide side decks for simple and safe access forward and aft
  • Forward sundeck
  • Impressive styling
  • Naval architect approved design
  • Quality glass fibre composite construction to survey standards
  • Hull proportions that ensure a smooth, safe and stable ride
  • Stimulating performance under sail or power
  • Shallow draft that lets you explore where many other boats can't go
  • The design and structural integrity allows the 43 to be beached and sit dry on her keels
  • Outstanding manoeuvrability
  • Best practice hull construction techniques using infused polyester and vinylester for strength, reliability and osmosis prevention
  • That's the Perry personal touch
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